• Monday , Date 27/05/2019
  • Pharmaceutical packaging is one of five important factors that constitute the quality of medicine products, so the quality of the glue used to seal the box is also one of the key factors contributing to improve the quality of the product.

    We can classify packaging according to the level of drug exposure:

    - Level 1 (Primary packaging components) directly contact with products (bottles, jars, buttons, blisters).

    - Level 2 (Secondary packaging components) are outside of primary packaging components, so they do not contact directly with the product (cap, paper box).

    Primary packaging components is used in the control area of ​​the pharmaceutical manufacturing process while Secondary packaging components is used in less controlled areas.

    For level 2, the glue (adhesive) is required.

    The package not only packs and protects but also increases the value of products, especially with high-class packaging, with elaborate investment in model design. .

    The development of the packaging industry indirectly promotes the development of the glue industry, while also posing a major challenge that requires adhesives to be not only good adhesion but also ensures high safety for user’s health.

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