Optimizing amount of using hot melt adhesive

Nowadays, using hot melt glue is more and more widespread, especially in the field of industrial packaging. Therefore, automation of the glue system in the packaging process plays an important part in increasing productivity and save operating costs for the plant. Using hot melt glue for automatic and semi-automatic machines instead of milk adhesives or manual methods will save significant costs. However, to use the glue effectively, it is necessary to have a monitoring and adjustment process for the system to operate in a comprehensive and efficient manner. 

To do that, we can note the following related issues:

1. Using advanced glue systems with the ability to respond promptly to the operating speed of the production line. The response speed of the spray unit and the flexible adjustment of the control system determine the effectiveness of the glue used in the production process. It is necessary to monitor and control the signal transmitters and good mechanical parts to achieve the best working efficiency of the equipment.

2. The glue used should be suitable for the glue system. The low or high viscosity of the glue, as well as the operating temperature of the adhesive and the machine, is not the same, possibly leading to the device not working at its correct capacity, which will result in a great cost of using the adhesive. Therefore, choosing the right glue for the device is crucial to saving packaging costs.

3. The process of monitoring the use of glue, measuring the usage norm to evaluate the glue loss level to make appropriate adjustments. Using glue always emphasizes using enough, too little or too much can lead to undesirable results.

4. The optimal choice of the spraying position, the shape of the glue line, the number of injection points will have a significant impact as not only ensure adhesion also save the cost of using glue.

Using hot melt adhesives in production requires strictly controlled from the glue to the equipment. This is the key to the optimal production cost of any factory.