Name of Product

Reka Glue Gun TR 55 LCD

Device weight


Power connection

230 V/50 Hz, 2,6A

Power consumption

600 Watt

Protection class

I, IP 30

Operating temperature

50 – 210 °C

Temperature constancy

± 2 °C

Heat-up time

3 ~ 10 minutes

Gross capacity

330 ml

Operating pressure

0.5 - 6 bar

Length of electrical connection

8,5 m

Air hose length

5 m

Length connection set

3 m

Recommended melting goods

Granulate, pillows and 43mm sticks


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With a pressure regulator, TR 55 LCD glue gun makes users feel easy to handle and can create continuous glue lines. Compact, lightweight structure and high pressure keep it spraying the glue gently, which helps users can use it during  hours without pain or hand fatigue.

Recommended melting goods

In addition, the temperature regulator with a wide temperature range of 50 - 210 °C will help work on many different surface materials as well as process hot melt adhesives in shape of granules, pillows or 43mm sticks.

Nozzles for all applications

The gross capacity of up to 330ml helps increase the productivity.  In addition, customers can use premelter VSB 40 in combination to shorten the heat-up time.

Premelter VSB 40


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