Name of Product: HOT MELT GLUE GUN TAYREX 100W
Origin: Taiwan
Brand Name:  VALOTEK
Materials: Plastic + alloy
Power consumption: 100W
Power supply: 100 - 240V
Temperature: 100-220oC
Glue stick diameter: 10.8 ~ 11.5mm
Device weight: 350G
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Used for packaging, manual or semi-manual handicrafts applications.

TAYREX 100W is specialized for large glue stick which is about 10.8mm ~ 11.5mm in diameter.


Hot melt glue gun TAYREX 100W has high Power consumption, high operating temperature and large heating element, which helps to melt glue fast, ensuring a stable and continuous flow of glue. Therefore, the production line is not stagnant and interrupted due to the waiting time for melting.

TAYREX 100W has an easy-to-hold design, large trigger, which is so convenient for pulling the trigger with 4 fingers, and manipulating is also more gently without the need for strong pressure like small-sized, low-power consumption glue guns.

• There is an iron ring near the nozzle that acts as a support to help the glue not be scattered to the table or working place.

• The inlet is 11mm in diameter, which is suitable for the standard size of large glue sticks.

• The gun is used to fit the components of handmade products such as fabric flowers, seal the product packages or carton boxes.

• The gun is compact in size and easy to bring and use in many types of workspaces.

• The body of the gun is made from hard plastic, so it is hard to be broken and does not make users feel hot during use.

• The nozzle is made from non-rust galvanized iron and has glue flow controllability.

Things to consider when using the gun:

• Do not touch the hot nozzle area and hot glue.

• Switch off electrical supply when you don't use the gun to avoid the waste of hot glue and the damage to the gun.

• Do not reverse the gun while in use to avoid the hot glue flowing back into the user’s body.

• For new guns, it can produce a little smoke at the first using time. This phenomenon is normal and will disappear after a few minutes.

• Store the gun in the dry place and keep it away from potentially explosive sources and children’s reach.

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