Stringing problem when using hot melt glue

The hot melt glue forms the thin string at the applicator within the using temperature and affects the quality product called the stringing problem. This phenomenon is easy to occur and is easy to recognize for several reasons: the viscosity, the temperature used, the raw adhesive material, or the environmental factors such as exhaust fans, ventilation, equipment system, etc.

To handle the factors that cause the drag phenomenon we can do some of the following: 


How to solve it

High viscosity

Increase the temperature of the tank, hose, and nozzle.

Note: The temperature needs to be within the operating range of the adhesive. Too high or low will reduce the quality of the glue.

Applications that require low temperature 

It recommended switching to the use of the glue with the suitable operating temperature, low viscosity at the low temperature.

Adhesive spray system defective, clogged

Replace the nozzle with a new one or wash the nozzle with a dedicated solution.

The distance between the injection position and the surface of the material is too far to dry the adhesive

Making the distance between two positions is closer.

The blower system has a direct effect at the site of application of glue

Closed the application area to avoid direct wind to the spraying system.

The stringing problem of hot melt adhesive can lead to loss of glue or possibly delay an entire machine system. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor and make adjustments to the equipment and the glues accordingly.