1.What vacuum seal is.

2.How to use vacuum glue correctly.

3.Application of vacuum glue.

4.How to preserve vacuum glue VPU-953

5.Four benefits ofusing single-component vacuum sealant.

6.Where should we buy quality vacuum glue.

In today's society, the demand for natural wood increases, the number of people consuming natural wood dramatically increases, leading to a serious shortage in the supply, which is quite expensive. Instead of using natural wood at such a high price, we can replace it with artificial wood to save money, both cheap and aesthetically.

        Figure 1. Some types of the wood industry

  This is a popular industrial wood in many countries around the world that has moisture-resistant MDF covered with an outside layer of thin PVC with a thickness from 0.2-0.6mm. We can replace the moisture-resistant MDF with plastic/composite wood to increase water resistance. Finally, use vacuum glue to join the PVC sheet onto the MDF surface. So what is vacuum glue? How to use glue, please see the next section.

  1.What vacuum glue is

  Vacuum glue Valotek VPU-953 is a milky white water-based glue with the main ingredient of Polyurethane.

Figure 2. Picture of the glue

2.How to use vacuum glue correctly

Using a dedicated Vitule, spray evenly onto the surface of the material to be glued: MDF or composite materials ...

The nozzle size of the gun depends on the conditions of each factory, but the nozzle size ranges from 0.5 - 1.5mm is the most suitable.

  Figure 3. Photo of Vitule dedicated

Spraying glue on the surface of the material and exposing under ambient temperature for 1-3 minutes, then covered the PVC sheet onto the surface of the material, place it in a vacuum pressure machine and carry out the process of vacuuming at a temperature range of 80-120 ° C for 50-120 seconds depending on materials used. Time and

temperature may change, increase or decrease depending on the type of PVC used, the thickness of the PVC sheet or, the resistance of the MDF or Composite sheet.

After the vacuum is finished, we cut the edge, remove the excess PVC, we have a door panel with a glossy, beautiful,  and eye-catching PVC sheet.

Figure 4: Watch the video depicting the vacuum adhesive here

3.Application of vacuum glue

Vacuum glue using for bonding PVC film (from flexible to semi-hard) onto MDF boards, composite materials ... The low viscosity liquid adhesive is very suitable for spraying a thin layer on the surface of the material. The glue is smooth without a clump so when the vacuum pressure is finished, the surface of the product is smooth and glossy. Suitable viscosity, easy to spray, good adhesion force, high heat resistance.

Figure 5: Door covered PVC

4.How to preserve vacuum glue Valotek VPU-953

How to preserve the adhesive to ensure that its shelf life prolonged is a concern for the customers on the market today. Storage conditions, especially the temperature factor need to be more considerable. When using vacuum glue in particular and all types of adhesives on the market in general, we need to know the information about the expiry date, storage conditions, as well as a detailed description of the toxicity of the substance, is used in the production of glue (these parameters are clearly shown in the specification sheet also referred to as MSDS-Material Safety Data Sheet.


Storage: temperature <30oC

Close the lid when not in use

Do not use dirty tools or other solid substances directly into the glue tank

The specifications of the adhesive can be found here:

5.Four benefits of using single-component vacuum sealant

On the market nowadays, there are two types of vacuum adhesive: single-component vacuum sealant & two-component vacuum sealant. Single-component vacuum glue has only 1 solution without adding any catalysts like two-component glue.

Vacuum glue Valotek VPU-953 of one component glue, milky white, liquid.

The fast curing time, high bonding force, and stable durability for many types of wood, composite.

High solvent resistance, water resistance, heat resistance, adhesive strength, and high tensile strength.

especially, Valotek VPU-953 Vacuum Glue also has the following great advantages:

•           Saving time by not wasting glue mixing time

•           Save the amount of glue due to using directly while 2-component glue can not keep a long time in ambient temperature after mixing each other.

•           Save production costs without labor and time to glue.

•           High adhesion, good resistance in the harsh environment.

With the above advantages, currently, Valotek VPU-953 vacuum glue is widely used in gluing industrial boards for kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, cabinets, doors.

7. Where should we buy vacuum glue

Some reputable places provide high-quality glue, but when problems happened with the glue they can not find a way to fix it, even though customers respond to complaints they still do not care that they only need to sell their products. So you should spend a little time thoroughly research the suppliers in advance before you want to cooperate to develop your products.

With many ways to find information on social media, you can gather information about glue suppliers in most regions before making a decision whether to buy or not. If you are wondering to choose a reputable supplier, with stable quality and price, please consult the leading manufacturer & distributor of glue in Vietnam, VALONA, VALONA office, to have the safest and most accurate way to use glue.