VALOTEK VL-604 is a non-plasticized aqueous milky white copolymer dispersion based on vinyl acetate. After evaporation of its water content, VALOTEK VL-604 forms a stiff film with the best adhesive properties for broad applications.

In general, VALOTEK VL-604 is used as general adhesive for cardboard paper, carton paper, and craft paper. Especially, VALOTEK VL-604 is suitable for laminating corrugated carton paper and making core paper tubes. It is easy to use and can be diluted for lower viscosity. Besides, VALOTEK VL-604 is a very friendly product for our environment due to its non-formaldehyde and toxicity components.

Depending on the needs of each application, we can keep or add water when using, but for the best quality, we need to pay attention to the following:

  • Can be mixed with water, the ratio of water is up to 50%.
  • When adding more water, it should only be used during the day.
  • Glue must be stored in closed containers, in a cool, dry place.
  • Stir the glue well before use to increase efficiency.



Code   VALOTEK VL-604
Based   PVAc
Appearance   Milky white emulsion
Packing   20kg /pail
Price   Contact us



Valotek VL-604 has become a product that plays an important role in the packaging industry, especially in the manufacturing industry of 3L, 5L cardboard boxes, cardboard in the hard box manufacturing industry, and carton boxes for palletizing...

Image of application
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