• Monday , Date 27/05/2019
  • With the rapid development of technology, publishing industry is affected quite deeply. Accordingly, printing technology has also developed with an industrial scale to serve the publishing industry. Not only stop at printing on ordinary paper, glossy film surfaces, foil, ... are also applied to meet the increasing aesthetic needs of consumers.

    7 common applications of adhesives in the printing industry:

    • All of bottles, coated paper, foil, ... labelling applications use ink bonding with packaging adhesives.

    • Glue for products labels (multi-layer or folded)

    • Glue for warning labels

    • Glue for shipping labels

    • Glue for Barcode / price label

    • Glue for stamp

    • Glue for sealing the package of foods (Eg Oreo cake, Choco Pie cake)

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