• Friday , Date 14/06/2019
  • At present, the Vietnamese handicraft industry still retains its traditional values ​​and is highly appreciated by foreign markets. However, with the current development trend, especially the competition from countries with developed science, the industry should have in-depth investment strategies on technology, design innovation, brand development and trade promotion for sustainable development.

    In order to bring productivity and quality assurance, we need to constantly improve our skills as well as improve the source of materials. In addition, glues (adhesives) play an important and essential role.

    Handicraft products produced in the craft villages of Vietnam are diverse, including: handicrafts and family decorations; indoor and outdoor furniture; household textiles and embroidery; gifts and products of ethnic minorities; jewelry and personal accessories and other handicraft products.

    Fabric flowers Decorations Gifts Accessories

    VALONA specializes in providing manual adhesives, household adhesives for all manual or semi-manual applications for the handicraft industry.

    Glue sticks, water-based glues

    Hot melt glue stick
    PVC water-based glue

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