• Friday , Date 14/06/2019
  • Baby wipes have become familiar to mothers by its convenience in everyday life.

    To ensures that the inner tissue is not dry, avoid dirt, bacteria and other environmental agents, the lid of baby wipes case should always be covered.

    In order to bond 2 surface difficult-to-stick materials together (HDPE lid on PE / OPP film packaging), the requirement is that hot melt glue must have high adhesion and stable temperature stability adapt many kinds of using conditions of consumers (in the refrigerator, air-conditioned room or in the hot sun).

    VALONA specializes in providing hot melt glue for baby wipes case sealing application with outstanding advantages:

    • Excellent adhesion, long durability.
    • Excellent weather resistance to adapt to different geographical environments (Resistant to low temperatures from (-15°C) to 70°C.
    • Glue does not contain harmful ingredients, ensuring safety for users' health.
    • Low consumption of glue, saving production costs, bringing economic benefits.

    With the purpose of top quality, VALONA confidently bring products and excellent quality services to conquer even difficult customers.

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