• Monday , Date 27/05/2019
  • VALONA specializes in providing adhesive solutions for wood industry. With a variety of products for each production stage, our glues not only ensure the quality standards for export but also bring economic benefits to customers by constantly improving and launching new product lines to serve the increasing production demand of wood industry.

    The grafting technique and glues are two important things in a wood processing project to ensure the finished product has perfect adhesion.

    When it comes to wood adhesives, we have many suitable solutions for each type of material and different grafting techniques.

    Currently VALON specializes in providing 3 types of wood glue below:

    1. Woodworking water-based glue

    This is a very popular glue, easy to manipulate and gives super strong adhesion on wood.

    Woodworking glue is a liquid with milky white color (so often called milk glue) has the main chemical ingredient of Polyvinyl Acetate or Polyurethane which does not produce odor or smoke and is completely safe when used by hand or machine.

    Applications of milk glue in the wood industry:

    1.1 Single component water-based glues – vertical couplingfinger jointing

    Single component water-based glues is Poly Vinyl Acetate original emulsion glue and free of formaldehyde. It is widely used in the wood processing industry such as vertical coupling, finger jointing, mortise gluing .., laminating ...

    Vertical coupling Finger jointing Mortise gluing


    1.2 Two-component water-based glues - horizontal glues

    We specialize in providing all kinds of two-component milk glue with high adhesion in neutral environment, fast drying time. The glue works well in both hot and cold environments and has water-resistant, heat-resistant and solvent-resistant.

    Two-component milk glue meets European standard D4 (Din En 204) and Japanese standard (Jas).

    Horizontal gluing

    2. EVA hot melt glues – Edge banding glues

    To enhance the aesthetic look, modern furniture products are usually designed with sophisticated angular. That’s why the adhesive industry has created the optimal solutions to handle the curves, edges of wooden panels. These are hot melt glues called edge banding adhesives.

    Edge banding hot melt adhesive offers many benefits for applications in the furniture industry:

    • Excellent adhesion.

    • High heat resistance.

    • High moisture resistance increases the ability to cope with extreme weather conditions.

    • Beautiful bond.

    Depending on the thickness, width and length of the edge, VALONA will offer the appropriate glue.

    Granule hot melt glue Jotek VM-003

    Please contact us for advice and free samples.

    3. PUR hot melt glue

    This is considered to be the most optimal type of adhesive for any difficult-to-stick materials and harsh storage conditions. PUR hot melt adhesive has a high degree of flexible adhesion. Unlike conventional glue, it can be used effectively on a variety of substrates such as wood, stone, metal, ceramic, water, concrete, ...

    Applications: PUR hot melt glue is used in assembling materials such as industrial wood board, plastic wood on thin surface such as thin PVC film, Acrylic or Laminate.


    PUR hot melt adhesive is widely used in moist or hot environments and can withstand heat effects and it is suitable for hard materials.

    Besides being able to withstand the physical impacts, PUR hot melt glue is also resistant to sunshine, which is chemically applied to the surface of the material, making it more resistant to moisture and flame retardant than conventional wood glue. .

    Hotmelt PUR glue is transparent so it does not create glue edges, ensuring good coverage when coating the surface of the material.

    In addition, it is necessary to mention the extremely high strength and plasticity of PUR hot melt glue by forming stronger bonds when exposed to the humidity of the air.

    PUR hot melt glue has a low volatile organic matter content (VOC) compared to traditional hot melt glues, thus reducing the need for drying or cooling time.

    Limitations: Drying waiting time is quite long, usually at least 24 hours. However, the time to fix glue on the sheet is very fast.

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