• Monday , Date 27/05/2019
  • With impressive growth in recent years, the packaging industry is attracting a lot of investors to meet the increasing demand of consumer goods, food, bottled beverages and pharmaceutical products. This is one of the reasons that the adhesive industry - playing an important role in packaging process is also gradually developing and promises to bring many contributions to the economy.

    Understanding the needs of the market, we are constantly improving and researching to bring our customers the best quality adhesive products so the economic efficiency would be higher, while ensuring the health of consumers and preserve the environment.

    For each specific application, we design each adhesive product to meet the technical requirements of the machinery as well as the surface material to satisfy the needs of the customer to ensure benefits for the consumers and constantly improve quality as well as minimize costs for manufacturers.

    Types of adhesives for packaging industry:

    1. Water-based adhesive: laminating paper glue, sealing membrane glue

    2. Hot melt glue

    With diverse products and designs, VALONA specializes in providing products for all applications in packaging industry such as:

    Water-based glue for laminating paper, labelling Water-based glue for laminating BOPP/PET/PE film on paper Glue for bonding difficult subtrates such as BOPP/PE/PET film on paper Glue for coating tape

    UV-coated paper box glue Hot melt adhives for carton sealing PSA hot melt adhesive for side paper bag pasting Granule hot melt glue for bottom paper bag pasting