• Friday , Date 14/06/2019
  • VALONA specializes in providing industrial adhesives for the filtration industry. With the diversity of using purpose, filters not only used in the oil and gas industry, but also widely used in water purification, air purification industry to serve and improve the quality of life. Along with this trend, filter materials also develop a variety of designs as well as components, which brings a great challenge to the glue industry - adhesive in general and VALONA in particular.

    • Stability: adhesives keep the folds separate to ensure the flow of liquid / air evenly.

    • Cohesion (for HEPA assembly frame - PU glue for Hepa filter): Adhesives are used to bond filter materials to frame assemblies.

    • Gaskets: Adhesives are used to bond rubber gaskets with lids.

    HEPA filter
    Air filter

    With the ability to meet most of the high technical requirements, VALONA offers the most optimal solution to benefit the filtration industry such as:

    • High processing speed
    • Resistant to high temperatures
    • Long-term durability
    • High flexibility.

    With a highly specialized team and constantly developing directions to perfection, VALONA is proud to be the provider of optimal adhesive solutions to bring satisfaction to customers.

    Classification of PU glue for filtration industry:

    Soft PU

    Hard PU

    2-component PU glue.

    Hot melt glue (used to fold filter paper)