• Friday , Date 14/06/2019
  • VALONA specializes in providing all kinds of glue for book binding to meet each specific needs of customers.

    1. EVA hot melt glues

    EVA hot melt glue has been a key product of the book binding application. With low cost and easy to use after heating, EVA glues becomes the optimal choice for book binding application. However, EVA glues has a relatively weak adhesion when used for coated and digitally printed paper. Due to the fast setting time (five to eight seconds), the glue does not easily penetrate the yarn inside the paper for a film or ink coating. Therefore, to overcome this limitation, PUR hot melt glue (Polyurethane Reactive) will be the optimal solution for hard-adhesive paper surface (film coated film) and thickness book, in addition to water-based glue is also a option for book binding industry.

    2. PUR hot melt for book binding

    Although the price is higher, currently PUR glue is the preferred choice for many manufacturers to bind books for ink or hard-coated films.

    PUR glue is a polyurethane-based hot melt adhesive. After drying, there will be a chemical reaction that occurs naturally when exposed to moisture in the air. This chemical reaction increases the strength of the bond as well as the durability of the book.

    When PUR hot melt glue is used in book binding, it makes the book more durable, causing fewer wrinkles in the back of the book and provides excellent adhesion quality. The disadvantage of using PUR glue is a bit higher in the cost, but the less amount of glue consumption, the glue does not cause smoke when used, but in exchange for a stable adhesion time after the paste will last longer (up to 24 hours).

    3. PVA glues

    A third type of adhesive is PVA (Polyvinyl Acetate) glue used in the form of cold liquid with the appearance and viscosity similar to conventional white glue. The glue has a much longer drying time in cold environment, allowing it to absorb into the fibers of the paper, enabling the bonding of both thick paper or coated paper.

    PVA (Polyvinyl Acetate) glue is the most easy-to-find and easy-to-use glue in 3 types of glue. Glue has high flexibility and creates good bonding after drying.

    White glue can be easily brushed on the spine of the book, PVA glue is often used to correct book errors. The biggest problem encountered with PVA glue is the slow drying time. When use, it is necessary to keep the pages clamped together for a long time until the glue is completely dry.

    In addition to the application of book binding, side bag closing, the glue can also be used to stick the margins for magazines, lists, hard album covers, ... to OPP coated paper.

    The glue can adhere to various paper types such as simili paper, recycled paper and other types to meet each customer's specific needs. It gives high adhesion strength with better quality and more durable.

    Combined with the need of improving production capacity, hot melt adhesive of VALONA has fast drying time, can be used for high-speed and low-speed production lines. There are many products suitable for each system such as roller, nozzle. The adhesive gives high adhesion strength and long opening time, the glue will not crack in cold weather, and will retain the hardness at high temperature, to keep the book in good adhesion condition.

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