VALONA Company Limited, formerly known as Ruby Star Company Limited, was established in October 2015 in Viet Nam. VALONA's strength provides prestigious industrial adhesive products for some fields such as packaging, wood - furniture, handicrafts, bookbinding ... 
Since its establishment to present, VALONA has experienced many ups and downs and gradually asserted its position in the adhesive market (including hot melt adhesive, water-based adhesive, and solvent-based adhesive) in particular and adhesives in general in Viet Nam. In the tendency of development and integration, VALONA is always committed to improving the quality of products and technical services while focusing on technology innovation, integrating research, and production, to bring the most optimal adhesive solution for all of our customers.

Product brands

VALOTEK brand is developed and produced in Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh,... Besides the brand VALOTEK, brands VEGAMELT, MINERVA, ICETECH are types of products processed by Selic chemical corporation, the number one Thai chemical and glue company with more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting to the world.
With the spirit of continuous improvement, VALONA has gradually improved the quality, diversified many types of adhesive products and auxiliary equipment to meet the strict requirements from customers.

Our main products include:

  • Hot melt adhesives include granules glue, PSA glue, silicone glue with a composition of synthetic polymers.
  • Water-based adhesives with the main ingredients are EVA copolymer, PVAc polymer, and Acrylic.
  • Solvent-based adhesives with main ingredients are SBS and Cloprene polymer.

Our market

Currently, VALONA is proud to be the glue company of the Vietnamese. VALONA provides adhesive solutions for Vietnamese companies and foreign partners that located their factories in Vietnam from the UK, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Thailand,...

Furthermore, our customers always trust and send inquiries of developing adhesive to adapt their product improvement projects. Moreover, we confirmed our brand by exporting products to Thailand, Singapore, Australia, European markets.


With dedication and professionalism, VALONA gradually builds up its reputation in the field of adhesives supply for many domestic and foreign companies. Our company always appreciates each customer, and the trust of customers is a great motivation for VALONA to grow stronger and create more values for life. 

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