1. Why is it called candle glue?

Candle silicone glue (or silicone glue) is an adhesive shaped like a candle. The main ingredient in the glue is Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA). Glue creates effective adhesion to many surfaces surface. The common size of glue is 25cm - 30cm in length and the diameter is about 7 - 11mm. At normal temperature, the glue is solid, when heated at an elevated temperature it melts. A melted candle silicone glue stick has a quick adhesive effect without affecting the surface, so it is not surprising that it can be used in so many fields.

Figure 1: Hot melt Glue stick

2. Why do glue sticks have many colors?

On the market today, there are many different colors of candle glue sticks. The colors of them are plentiful to suit many different substance surfaces. However, we can divide it into two basic colors as follows:

+ White color: This color glue is usually clear white and opaque white. This is the most easily encountered type of glue on the market today. Because mostly white glue does not reveal glue lines when glued on the product.

+ Yellow color: Yellow glue is usually a fast-drying glue, widely used for gluing wood and in the construction and paper industries.

Note: The color of the glue does not evaluate the cohesion of the candle glue stick. It depends on the compositions, the adhesive will have different cohesion strength.

Figure 2: The color of the silicone glue stick

3. What is the application of glue stick for?

Glue sticks are not only easy to use by glue gun as well as simple operation but also have short dry-time. Therefore, the glue stick is used for making crafts such as cotton, toys, carton packing, and attaching items in interior decoration. , make paper packaging ...

Figure 3: Application of hot melt glue stick

4. How to store it correctly?

To preserve the glue you need to keep it in a dry, cool, temperature below 40oC. Do not expose the glue to direct sunlight, always keep tightly closed after use to avoid dust and dirt from outside.

5. What should we care about when using glue sticks?

Clean the surface of the material before applying to increase the contact and adhesion of the adhesive

Choosing the right glue gun: depending on the type of glue sticks choosing the suitable capacity gun. The high-capacity gun will help the melting time of the glue faster and suitable for the needs of continuous operation, high productivity.

Absolutely do not let glue shoot into hands, eyes, people, do not touch the molten glue.

If the hot glue causes burns, immediately flush the wound with cold water, cover with a clean cloth, do not try to rub the adhesive area on the skin. After completing the first aid steps, you should immediately go to the hospital for a doctor's treatment.

Thus, the use of glue sticks seems to be quite simple, quick, easy to find in the market, and easy to preserve. However, for the adhesion to be sustainable and manufacturers need glue stick products for the packaging of products with high quality and stability, in order to increase product value. Or when it is necessary to mount parts in a product, quality candle sticking is required.

So, In order to choose a glue with stable quality, high adhesion suitable for your materials, you need to look for an expert in a glue stick, they will help you analyze the structure of the material, survey the working time, the storage conditions ... And they will come up with the solution of the glue that is suitable for each specific application of your company.

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