The company Valona, the predecessor of Ruby Star Co., LTD was established in 2000s, specializes in business activities in three areas including laboratory equipment, office equipment, glue and adhesives.

Ruby Star decides to separate the adhesive field with the establishment of Valona Co., LTD on 15/10/2015 aims to study the adhesive solutions for each industries and the specific application team to fit each types of material surface or operating conditions of every plant.

For 5 years, Valona has constantly researched products in parallel with receiving of customer feedback. Valona oriented technology, focusing on technological innovation and integrating research and development, manufacture, sales and technical services.

Valotek brand is developed and manufactured by Valona at Thailand, Bangladesh and Viet Nam Factory (granule adhesive, PSA Hot melt Glue, Hot melt glue stick,..), milky color glue (water-based glue), spray glue (solvent-based glue) have been trusted by customers in a long time. Besides Valotek brand, the brand Vegamelt, Minerva, Icetech is also manufactured by Valona and produced by Selic Corp Chemical Group-the number one glue and chemicals of the Thai people, has experienced more than 40 years and exported all over the world.

Currently, Valona is proud to be the glue company of the Vietnamese, providing adhesive solutions for Vietnamese companies and foreign partners locate their factories in Vietnam from the UK, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Thailand,... Also believe in and regularly comment to Valona product improvements according to the requirements of the new application in each phase of the development of packaging of each customers. Currently, Valona is working to reach the world and has exported to Australia, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, EU.

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